Wednesday 29 Nov 2023
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Mark Haug Construction has a number of in house services for our client to take advantage of:

•    General Contracting
•    Construction Management
•    Design Build
•    Consulting
•    Conceptual Pricing
•    Drafting

MHC has field personnel with over 20 years experience with our company and our policies in place.  MHC has completed several different projects and are capable of any type of construction ranging from wood frame, masonry, concrete tip-up, Pre-engineered  steel buildings.

MHC projects include municipal buildings, financial institutions, MNSCU projects, DNR projects, MHS projects, retail stores,  apartments and custom homes.

MHC is completely dedicated to our clients and operating a project not only in a timely fashion which meets the clients schedule,  but on budget as well.  Our staff understands the many factors which makes each project a success.